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As I started planning my own overseas trips before turning 20 and have organized many overseas business trips, I have a pretty good idea how to plan a trip or two.

When planning an overseas holiday, I usually start about a year out.  As hubby is a shift worker on a set roster, his holidays are allocated years in advance which means we know when our holidays will be next year, and the year after, and the year after…

Step 1 - Ideas & Inspiration

Twelve months prior to departure, if I don’t already have a destination in mind, I’m searching for ideas and inspiration.  Usually it’s somewhere I haven’t been or a place I have visited and want to show the kids.  Once I’ve picked the location and the family agrees, hotels may need to be booked if they are known to book out early.  When we went to Fiji, I booked Castaway Island a year ahead and secured one of the last bures at this popular family vacation spot.

Step 2 - Booking

Between six to nine months before take-off, flights are booked as well as hotels if they haven’t already been booked.  For a trip to Singapore and Cambodia, I booked our flights to Singapore nine months ahead as they were on sale.  Hotels were booked six months in advance to secure the best prices.  Travel insurance is booked at the same time as flights, as you never know what might happen over the next nine months.

Step 3 - Planning Experiences

Around three to four months before the holiday I start preparing a list of what we’re going to explore in each location - those experiences that make the holiday special.  This might be buggy riding, temple touring, animal experiences or theme park visits.  This helps to plan our itinerary.

Step 4 - Itinerary

A month before departure I’ll prepare an itinerary which includes our flight and hotel details, what we are planning to do in each location, as well as prices, opening hours and any key points we need to be aware of for each of those experiences.  This usually fits on 1-2 pages and is our main travel reference.  Copies of booking confirmations and e-tickets are also popped into the travel folder just in case they are needed.

Whilst my planning starts well in advance, I have to admit I’m a late packer.  For some reason I can’t bring myself to pack until the night before departure, whether it's a short trip or a month away.  Hubby will drag out the suitcases a couple of days before and the odd bits and pieces are thrown in, but the actual packing is only done before going to bed the night before we leave.

I hope this helps you plan your next holiday adventure.  Enjoy exploring further…

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