Taking in the Bright Lights of Kuala Lumpur

Visiting Kuala Lumpur and Ritz Hotel

Arriving at my hotel after 12 hours of travel, then waiting an hour to check-in, the last thing I wanted to hear was the hotel was overbooked.

Treat the Family at the Solothurn Rural Resort

View at Solothurn Rural Resort

After a busy week of school and work, it's nice to take a short break that's not too far away. Somewhere picturesque, cool, relaxing. with an animal or two.

Exploring Amsterdam: a wonderful walking tour in winter


Arriving on an early winters morning after a 14hr flight, I was cold, tired and excited to make my first visit to this great city.  To avoid jet lag I planned to stay awake all day and the best way to do that was outside in the chilly air...even if I wasn't dressed for it.

Enjoy a walk down Gurney Drive, Penang


Whilst I've been to Kuala Lumpur many times, until recently I'd never taken the 40 min flight to check out Penang.  It doesn't have the flashiness of KL or the same amount of glitzy shopping malls and hotels, though it is an interesting place for a short break

Chilling out at Castaway Island with kids

Castaway Island...a slice of paradise.  
The Fijian island used for Tom Hanks' movie became famous after Castaway was shot there.   This isn't that island, though it is close by.  This Castaway is my favourite tropical island getaway with kids.

A taste of the outdoors - camping at Neurum Creek

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

When friends suggested we all go camping, the kids were keen, even though we had hardly any camping gear. It was about time we explored camping as a family so we agreed to go...despite the poor weather forecast.

March Spotlight: Exploring 3 popular cafes in the heart of Brisbane

There's one hour for lunch with friends, sandwiched between back-to-back meetings.  It needs to be somewhere quick with good food and not too expensive or noisy, as you have a lot to catch up on...